paulo ferreira-lopes

Between 1988 and 1991 studied in Lisbon composition with Constança Capdeville.
In 1994 Paulo Ferreira-Lopes  moved to Paris. Between 1995 and 1997 studied in Paris composition with Emmanuel Nunes, Antoine Bonnet and Computer Music with Curtis Roads.
In 1996 he received a Master in  Composition - University of Paris VII -  under the advice of Horacio Vaggione.
In 1996 further studies in composition with Karlheinz Stockhausen at the  "Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik", Darmstadt. Also in 1996, distinguished as Researcher with a scholarship of the French Government by the "Ministere de la Recherche" at the  "Departement d’Esthétique et Technologies des Arts" of  University of Paris VIII .
In 1997, composition-prize at Stasis et Vita competition Kassel, Germany.
Founder and Director (between 1992/95) of the Electronic Music Studio C.C.I.M.
Founder and Director (2000) of the Summer Workshops - olhAres de Outono at Portuguese Catholic Univesity Porto.
Since 1998, artist in residence and researcher at ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie - Karlsruhe  Germany.
Since 2002, member from the European Parlament of Culture .
In 2004 he received the Doctor  degree from the University of Paris VIII.
Founder and Director from the Research Centre for Science and Technology in Art CITAR (2004-2007)  and Professor  at Portuguese Catholic University.Director of the Music Department - Portuguese Catholic University (2010-2013).
Invited Professor at Karlsruhe Music University

Since 2014 .Associated Professor at University of Applied Sciences - Mainz.
Paulo Ferreira-Lopes works has been produced in international festivals - Musica STRASBOURG, MUSICAVIVA, Estoril Summer Festival, documenta X - Essen, Biennal S. Paulo, ZKM-Karlsruhe, World Music Day’s,  Gulbenkian Fondation, Expo 98 Portugal , through  important ensembles of the contemporary artistic scnene as AccrocheNote, OrchestrUtopica , Ensemble Modern Frankfurt, etc..

selected works

1992 - Versus Lucas (for two clarinetes and tape )
Biennal of the young's Europeans artists, Valencia (Spain).
1995 - CID
for 3  Singers and e electronics live.Marionetas de Lisboa.
1996 - Nezach V
(for Ensemble) comissioned by JMP/UNICEF.
Spirit I and  II
for Guitar, festival OHRKLANG 2 Gissen -Germany and São Paulo - Brazil.
1997 - Glückliche Tage
comissioned by Stadt Theater Gießen - Germany.
Nezach VI
for ensemble - " documenta X " at Kassel - Germany. -Ensemble Mondschein Kassel .
Nezach VII
for ensemble- Festival " Musica Judaica" Prag .
1998 - a torre do mar
perf/teat. , " festival dos 100 dias" Expo-98 - Marionetas de Lisboa.
1999- Xanthosis
instalation (video / music) at ZKM - "European Integration by Culture Communication".
2000  doN
a fge - (fast global event )1 actor and trumpetist , interactive system for audio digital signal  processing-real time - (4 chanels) and Video (2 chanels)
2001 MemoriaFutura Bacon
12 singers and actors + system for audio digital signal processing-real timel (8chanels) and Video Wien - Austria Schauspielhaus.
2001 NaT 2
Voice, violoncelo  and system for audio digital signal processing-real timel (4 chanels) and Video (2 chanels)  FESTIVAL MUSICA STRASBURG - ensemble AccrocheNote.
2002 Sotto Voce
New Version -- for violoncelo solo and system for audio digital signal processing-real timel (4 chanels).ZKM , Karlsruhe, Germany - MUSIKFESTIVAL
2004 noD1 (new version)
World Mudic Days November 2004 Zurich . Swiss
2005 NaT1

ICMC2005 Barcelona   - International Computer Music Conference  - Barcelona Spain
2006 ceT
for Mezzo Soprano, Ensemble, Live Electronics and Video (2 chanels)
Estoril Summer Festival Portugal -  Orchetrutopica  - Tapio Tuomela conductor

2007 Three Short Pieces From The Darkness Book 

Saxophon and Live Electronics at   Festival SAX+   ZKM Karlsruhe - Pedro Bittencourt Saxophon